wmc2010_miami_400w I design, create information architecture and write. Usually while listening to music. Sometimes I work on site and sometimes from my home office (in the Boston area), depending on the client’s needs.

When I Design
I believe in combining great usability with aesthetically appealing visual design.

When I Write
I believe in producing great copy on any subject in the style that’s appropriate for its target audience. It can range from officially dry to obnoxiously witty.

More About My Work
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You Can Also Find Me On
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In My Spare Time

– I like to act as an info sponge. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge so read just about anything. Design, business, technology, politics, sports, psychology, sociology, history, space exploration, environment and so on.

– Keep up with all the latest advancements in all things web… looking at the best design, technology and business ideas. I’m a little obsessed.

– Collect interesting, intelligent, talented people of all kinds for the purpose of becoming friends and having stimulating conversations with them on just about any subject.

– Regularly play soccer and not as often tennis and inline hockey. I also do a bit of cycling.

– Host a weekly radio show on Boston’s RUBO Radio “O Sporte” (“About Sports”).

– Listen to music (mostly trance, electro, breaks, trip hop, rock, oldies, blues, flamenco & soundtracks).

Write about sports as well as some movie scripts and sometimes even a bit of poetry.

– Travel. See where I’ve been and where I want to go.

– Learn how to produce music (by driving a Traktor).

– Learn to read in different languages. I can read in most languages that use either Latin or Cyrillic alphabets.

– Watch movies (I absolutely love movies!) and sports (mostly hockey, soccer and boxing).

– Watch a limited amount of non-sports TV. My list of currently playing and recently defunct favorite shows includes The Daily Show, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk EmpireEntourage (run’s over), Mad Men, Rubicon (unfortunately cancelled after just one season despite its critical acclaim), The Event (another victim of the “one season and done” ratings problem), Family Guy and American Dad. I also love History, Discovery (not so much these days after they went the reality TV route) & National Geographic channels.

– Listen to podcasts when doing manual labor like cooking and driving or non-labor like chilling by the pool. My top favorites are OnPoint (fascinating, intelligent discussion on various topics including current events), Football Weekly (great way to catch up on all the soccer news whilst having quite a few chuckles), FilmSpotting (excellent movie reviews), Sander van Doorn‘s Identity & Myon & Shane54‘s International Departures (best trance music weekly shows that are available as pods). I’m still looking for one on design that doesn’t put me to sleep. If you know of one feel free to make a suggestion.