Always On Electronic Paper Display (EPD) on a Phone?


The other day came across version 2 of the first ever smartphone from Russia. It has specs on par with some of the leading smartphones and runs the latest version of Android, but its main differentiating factor is an a second display on the back of the phone which is similar to e-readers (2nd version includes a touch screen UI).

Very interesting idea as this allows you to use the phone without consuming a lot of battery life and enables you to see things well in broad daylight. If you’ve ever tried reading an article or an ebook on your phone while chilling at the park or on the beach on a sunny day you know how that’s pretty much impossible to do without really straining your eyes.


Wonder if other manufactures will follow Yota Devices in trying something like this. I’d be curious to play with it to see how they’ve handled the issue of accidentally touching something on whichever screen is facing away from you. Unfortunately, it’s not slated to hit the U.S. market until 2015.

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